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Who We Are

At Citywide Home Mortgage, we champion lending excellence. As a fast-paced, progressive, and forward-thinking organization, our focus is on tailoring solutions for our borrowers, partners, and employees to deliver the best experience possible.


Our culture is the cornerstone of what we do, empowering entrepreneurial leaders with autonomy, support, and a thriving environment to achieve unparalleled success.

In it for the Long Haul

Citywide Tenure-02.png

At Citywide, we don't just boast about employee tenure; we celebrate it as a testament to our thriving community. With an average tenure that is nearly 300% longer than the norm, we're not just retaining employees; we're fostering growth, loyalty, and a genuine sense of belonging. Our success is anchored in the commitment of our faithful professionals who've chosen Citywide as their long-term home. 

Dave Medina.png

Dave Medina, Area Manager

"I am so amazingly impressed with the support we have had onboarding. The speed to response is absolutely insane!"

Company Culture

We've created a vibrant work environment powered by a relentless dedication to exceptional service and groundbreaking solutions. Service isn't just a word; it's our heartbeat — a rhythm that guides our every interaction, ensuring positive, impactful experiences for our borrowers, each and every time.

We share a collective commitment to redefine industry benchmarks through service excellence and innovative problem-solving. Here, every day is a testament to collaboration, making genuine connections, and the celebration of our tireless pursuit of setting new standards in the mortgage landscape.

Remote First
The work is where you are. We're a modern, employee-focused organization, so we're mostly remote. Hours spent commuting? Not our style; we believe in giving that time back.

Tech & People
We're not just a workplace; we're your growth engine. Our success is built on incredible people, shared goals, and ongoing tech improvements that's unified by our shared vision of success.


We actively seek a culture of empowerment because your ideas matter. Our people drive us; their input shapes our future. Our people define us; their input shapes our path forward.

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