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Run a $100M business from the palm of your hand.

PowerVP, the Freedom to Lead Your Business from Anywhere

PowerVP is the latest innovation from Citywide that's designed to simplify your life on the go. This unmatched LOS gives you the power to take your pipeline with you and stay present in your clients' progress — no matter where they are in the process. This end-to-end experience means you have the freedom to be anywhere without ever missing a beat.

Manage your clients, loans and pre-approvals from anywhere.

  • Full visibility of your pipeline

  • Easily invite clients to our digital mortgage experience and monitor their progress

  • Run dual AUS for strong pre-approval letters

  • Quickly retrieve credit reports and automatically import liabilities

  • Compare multiple scenarios at once with your client to find which is best for them

  • One-stop access for your entire team with shared notes and loan status information

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