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Where Culture and Innovation Ignite Limitless Success


Who We Are

At Citywide Home Mortgage, we champion lending excellence. As a fast-paced, progressive, and forward-thinking organization, our focus is on tailoring solutions for our borrowers, partners, and employees to deliver the best experience possible.


Our culture is the cornerstone of what we do, empowering entrepreneurial leaders with autonomy, support, and a thriving environment to achieve unparalleled success.

Why Choose Citywide

Forward Thinking Culture

We prioritize tech, training, and the future while others chase short-term gains. Our team's hard work, goal-setting, and visionary approach ensure top-tier service and essential resources for your success.

Your Goal is Our Goal

The industry is constantly changing, and whether you're a seasoned professional or new in your career, the goal is still the same, growing your business. Our goal is to support you in doing just that.

Our Promise to You

We want to see you reach new heights and achieve what you once thought impossible. We will offer you the resources, technology, culture and business model that put you in a position to meet your goals.

The Bottom Line

At Citywide Home Mortgage,  we keep you moving, with tools, training, technology, and the control to run your business. Why not join a team that helps you succeed today and equips you for tomorrow?

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a top 10 retail mortgage lender; with the commitment that the more we grow, the more good we will do. To get there, we will embrace a positive mindset and authentically live our core values. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, innovative solutions, and personalized experiences that exceed expectations.  We invite everyone to be members of our community and care deeply about their overall financial wellness. Our technology offers best-in-class tools, education, and financial products that improve the life of our members and teammates. Every day we focus on our goal of delivering an exceptional experience that inspires 100% of our members to refer us to family and friends.  We know that our success is driven by our genuine care for our members.   

How We Measure Success

At Citywide, it's more than just the numbers; the amount of loans we close, our revenue streams, or our bottom line. Those are important for any business, of course, but it's not what success looks like for us.

Instead, it's about treating each person who comes to us for mortgage services as an individual with their own bespoke

set of needs, requirements, and dreams. It is from those unique circumstances that we tailor a mortgage solution that

fits them exactly.

Success comes from seeing our clients fully realize their dreams of homeownership. It's found in the clink of keys as we pass them to a new owner; the unmistakable joy in the eyes of new homeowners as they embark upon this new chapter of their lives; and in the future that they will build in the days ahead that we helped them achieve.

That's how define success at Citywide.

Satisfied Team Members

Dave Medina.png

Dave Medina, Area Manager

"I am so amazingly impressed with the support we have had onboarding. The speed to response is absolutely insane!"

Join Our Team Today

We're always looking for talented individuals to join us. If you have a passion for mortgage lending, and the drive to work toward something greater, we want to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our open roles.

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