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Citywide Marketing

At Citywide Home Mortgage, our marketing initiatives thrive on an array of innovative tools coupled with an extensive catalog of collateral. These resources empower Loan Officers to navigate a dynamic industry landscape with both precision and creativity.

Citywide's unwavering commitment to revolutionizing marketing strategies ensures Loan Officers have access to best-in-class tools, including comprehensive support solutions for optimized impact and

exponential growth.

Marketing Programs


Total Expert, our approved CRM, grants LOs a robust set of customer management tools, personalized marketing, automated workflows, and insightful analytics. The platform's library offers nearly 2,000 pieces of collateral, providing customizable marketing resources.

Birdeye, our trusted reputation management solution, aggregates and monitors reviews from various platforms, allowing Loan Officers with the means to effectively manage, promptly respond to, and enhance customer feedback experiences.

Loan Officer Websites

Loan Officers gain a distinct edge with their own mini-websites on our Citywide Home Mortgage website. These pages are finely tuned for visibility and personalized to highlight their unique strengths while significantly amplifying their digital presence and impact within the industry. And coming in June 2024, your website will include technologically advanced Lead Capture Forms that automatically feed into your Total Expert.


Our dedicated events program offers comprehensive support, covering event research such as venues, food, beverage, and more. We assist in price negotiation, organize promotional items, ensure compliance with raffle and contest rules, manage invites, and track RSVPs for seamless event execution.


Box+Bestow is tailored for our dedicated loan officers at Citywide. This innovative program automates the process of expressing gratitude and appreciation to our valued clients upon the completion of their home loan journey. With Box+Bestow you will have the opportunity to effortlessly send thoughtful thank you gifts to your clients, beautifully presented in a signature box adorned with our plated logo. Each gift is accompanied by a personalized card bearing a heartfelt message, ensuring a truly memorable experience for your clients. 


Stock up on all the branded swag you need at the Citywide Company Store! From stylish clothing and promotional items to everyday essentials, our store has everything to help you make a lasting impression. Equip yourself with high-quality, branded gear that showcases your Citywide pride and boosts your professional presence. Explore the range of options available to support your sales efforts and enhance your brand visibility.

Marketing Technology

Our comprehensive marketing technology suite stands as a testament to our commitment to our loan officers' success. With tailored solutions, quarterly enrollment options, and seamless opt-in procedures, this suite offers a wealth of cutting-edge platforms.


Loan Officers can harness these tools, fine-tuning their marketing strategies with agility and exactitude, setting them up for success in a competitive market. Additionally, our suite comes with excellent enterprise pricing, ensuring cost-effective access to advanced marketing solutions.

Agent Advantage

Introducing Agent Advantage: Your Gateway to Real Estate Partnership Success

In the competitive world of real estate, building strong partnerships with real estate agents is paramount to success. At Citywide, we understand the challenges loan officers face in attracting and retaining top-tier real estate partners. That's why we offer Agent Advantage, a FREE service for Real Estate Agents, a comprehensive program designed to equip real estate agents with the tools they need to build their business.

Agent Advantage.png

​Agent Advantage provides real estate agents with access to a suite of innovative tools and resources that empower them to elevate their business. From lead generation to co-marketing collateral, coaching videos, and real-time loan status monitoring, Agent Advantage streamlines their operations and offers the coaching necessary to take their business to the next level.


With Agent Advantage, loan officers can showcase their commitment to providing unparalleled support and value to their real estate partners. By offering access to cutting-edge tools and programs, loan officers can differentiate themselves from the competition and position themselves as indispensable partners in the real estate ecosystem. 

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