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Citywide Mission & Values

Our mission is to become a top 10 retail mortgage lender; with the commitment that the more we grow, the more good we will do. To get there, we will embrace a positive mindset and authentically live our core values. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, innovative solutions, and personalized experiences that exceed expectations.  We invite everyone to be members of our community and care deeply about their overall financial wellness. Our technology offers best-in-class tools, education, and financial products that improve the life of our members and teammates. Every day we focus on our goal of delivering an exceptional experience that inspires 100% of our members to refer us to family and friends.  We know that our success is driven by our genuine care for our members.   

We Grow For Good. 
We measure the positive impact we have on our members and communities. Every year, we conduct companywide fundraisers, give each teammate one paid day to improve our communities, and support multiple individuals and their families through our foundation. 

We Put Our Members First. 
We extend membership to everyone. We believe everyone deserves the same low rates and great service, whether they’re a millionaire or a first-time homebuyer. We work relentlessly to earn our members’ trust and improve their lives. We’re absolutely committed to making sure every member loves working with us so much that they can’t wait to refer us to their family and friends. 

We Work With the Best of the Best. 
Our philosophy is to hire the best teammates, build the best platform, and grow our business with the best partners. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We have a burning desire to deliver great results and always satisfy our members with exceptional service. 

We Think Big. 
We go for it. We are bold in our ideas, pushing beyond what most believe is possible. We believe in the law of attraction and can manifest anything through positivity and working together as one team. 

We Have Grit. 
We set meaningful, measurable goals and tenaciously pursue them day after day, week after week. We accomplish these goals by overcoming obstacles and finding a way to WIN.  We are relentless. We never give up. Ever! 

We Have an Owner’s Mentality. 
We embrace a scrappy, entrepreneurial mindset and work as though we own the company. We are in it for the long haul. We are financially disciplined, yet determined to push the boundaries of what is possible. We always invest in what matters, as the success of our organization is directly tied to the well-being of our team, our members and the diverse communities we serve. 

We Embrace Change. 
We rapidly adapt to the everchanging landscape. We innovate. We crush bureaucracy, formality, and the fear of failure. We work the problem and jump on opportunities. We make bold decisions while managing risk for the best interest of our team, members, and community.  

We Demand Excellence. 
Our focus is to have the best value proposition in everything we do. We have the highest standards, take pride in continuous improvement, and always strive for excellence. Being good is never enough. 

We Hold Ourselves and Others Accountable.  
We are masters of our fate. We honor the commitments we make and never say, “That’s not my job.” If we make a mistake, we own it, fix it, and move forward. We seek transparency. We embrace constructive criticism in order to learn and grow. 

We Give a Sh!t. 
Being part of the Citywide family means caring deeply about the work we do to serve each other, our members, our teammates and our communities. We take pride in what we do and how we do it. You can’t work here unless you give a sh!t. 

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